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Selected Work

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The Mason Jar
Fiction excerpt from Homing, a novel in progress
The Kenyon Review print issue Sept/Oct 2020
AUDIO LINK Kenyon Review Out Loud

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    Where the Flowerbots Bloom

Text and narration for eteam, Flowers Series, images by eteam and sound by Zach Layton

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Kansas Atlas

Text and voice by Marianne Shaneen for essay film by Peggy Ahwesh 

screened at New York Film Festival, Microscope Gallery,

and New Media Artspace at Baruch College

From Wanton Weevils to Amoral Algorithms

Essay commissioned by Henry Gallery for the film and installation Bugs and Beasts Before the Law

by Bambitchell

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On Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Creative nonfiction, The Brooklyn Rail

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Christine Wertheim's recently released book mUtter-bAbel is gorgeously hyperbolic, a primordial pataphysics of text and drawings that explores relationships between babies, mothers, language, and "ugly archaic feelings and their troubling social effects."


Essay on Christine Wertheim’s book mUtterbAbel,

and Margaret and Christine Wertheim's Institute for Figuring

and the Crochet Coral Reef

Bomb magazine

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Lucent Amnesis

Chapbook by Portable Press/Yo-Yo Labs

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On the passing of New York City's

beloved Jonas Mekas


Everywhere Possible, Therefore True

Limited edition book of texts in response to installation works for

solo exhibition by artist Miruna Dragan

Commissioned by Nickle Galleries, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Ken Jacobs and the Sublime Horrors of Perception 

Essay on multimedia artist Ken Jacobs’s Nervous System performances

for the book Monstrous Adaptations

Manchester University Press

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Shadows Mirror Shadows

Monograph essay for solo show Shadows Mirror Shadows

 by artist Miruna Dragan

commissioned by G Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Inhabiting the Impossible

Essay on the work of Madeline Gins and Arakawa

Reversible Destiny Foundation and Bioscleave House

in INTERFACES special edition: Architecture Against Death

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Commissioned text for publication accompanying movement piece

 BLOOWST WINDKU by Rebecca Davis

Performed at Here, NYC



a novel in progress


Homing is a wildly ranging speculative fiction of animal-human-geological entanglement, grounded in an intimate portrait of a woman's search for home. 

On a red-eye from New York to Los Angeles, unattached to family or place, Isabel engages the perspectives of various nonhuman entities—a house fly, a magpie, a stone, plastic. Zooming from micro to macro, she delves into strata of geology and memory, on hallucinatory flights through American cultural mythology. As she realizes that everywhere home might be is becoming uninhabitable, personal trauma is increasingly entwined with ecological trauma.


The 17th-century polymath Athanasius Kircher proclaimed: All is bound in secret knots. Amidst eco-destruction and and military and corporate control of technology and bodies, Isabel asks, Where does self end and other begin? She is characterized by her place in our contemporary moment—where the potential implications of our interconnectedness may be as destructive as they are liberating.


Marianne Shaneen writes fiction, essays, and poetry, and has also worked in documentary video. She has been awarded fellowships at the MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, Djerassi, and the Tusen Takk Foundation, and is the recipient of a NYSCA Individual Artist grant, and a Whiting Writers’ Aid grant. She received her MFA in Writing from the Bard Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts. Her work has appeared in The Kenyon Review, Bomb, The Brooklyn Rail, Manchester University Press, Vanitas, and elsewhere. She has been commissioned for numerous pieces for artists and filmmakers. Her chapbook Lucent Amnesis was published by Portable Press/Yo-Yo Labs. She is currently finishing her first novel, Homing. 





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Oct 2021

Reading for the show "The Ambassadors" installation of painting, sculpture, and video, by Michele Abramowitz, H.A. Halpert, and Barb Smith: https://theaccident.club/

"Where the Flowerbots Bloom" collaboration with eteam, Flowers Series Part 12, with sound by Zach Layton


August 2021

Residency at Tusen Takk Foundation


Reading, Boston Poetry Marathon

Reading, Shivastan, Woodstock, NY

July 2021

Commissioned text for performance with scenes from PHASE IV, the psychedelic 70s sci-fi insect film by Saul Bass. A Night of Neo-Benshi at Hudson Hall, Hudson, NY. Organized by the Flow Chart Foundation.



Sept/Oct 2020

Kenyon Review (print) "The Mason Jar" 

Fall 2020

"From Wanton Weevils to Amoral Algorithms" — essay commissioned for publication to accompany the opening of Bugs and Beasts Before the Law, film and installation by Bambitchell (multimedia artists Sharlene Bamboat and Alexis Mitchell), at Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA


Aug 2020

Reading, Boston Poetry Marathon

April 2020

Residency at Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Woodside, CA

Fall 2019

Text and voice by Marianne Shaneen for Kansas Atlas, essay film by Peggy Ahwesh: Screened at The New York Film Festival, Projections, Sept 2019; at Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn as part of Ahwesh's solo show Cleave, May 2019; and as part of Unsettled States, Ahwesh solo exhibition at the New Media Artspace at Baruch College, New York, NY, Sept 2019 


Nov 2019

Reading, St. Rocco’s Reading Series at Urban Aftermath Books, Albany, NY

Sept 2019

Reading, Subterranean Poetry Festival, Rosendale, NY


April 2019

Reading, Volume reading series, Hudson, NY

Dec 2018

Commissioned text for Barbara Ess video installation and photography solo show Lunatic(k),

3A Gallery, New York, NY


Oct 2018

Reading, The Poetry Project, New York, NY

Aug 2018

Reading, Howl Gallery, New York, NY

April/May 2018

Residency at The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, NH

Recipient of Whiting Writers’ Aid grant 

March 2018

Shaneen's story "The Post Card" received an Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train's Very Short Fiction Contest March/April 2018


Nov 2017 

Residency, Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, NY

Oct 2016

Fiction reading, Whitney Museum NYC, as part of Bradley Eros' Black Hole Cinema film screening 



Residencies & Grants

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